Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This section includes answers to Frequently Asked Questions. If you could not find answer here, consider contacting us directly via Email or through any of our social media accounts.

Is MCProApp available only on iOS?

Not anymore. Currently MCProApp is available for iOS and Android. We are planing to port it to other platforms once we implement some new key features.
iOS version:
Android version:

How often is MCProApp updated?

App pulls all content from the server and there’s something new to discover every day! Seriously, we add new content every single day.

MCProApp is in heavy development. We try to release bug fixes, patches, enhancements and new features as soon as they are ready.

App crashes constantly! What do I do wrong?

MCProApp loads and displays each and every single block in the schematic file. This required lots of memory. Older devices and devices with low memory can not handle big blueprints. We are working on memory and workflow tweaks and new updates with fixes are just around the corner.

The following should improve your experience with MCProApp:

  • Free up as much memory as possible before launching MCProApp (close Apps running on background, delete Apps you do not use, download pictures and videos that you don’t have to have stored on your device).
  • Once you open big blueprint, let MCProApp 3D engine to load all chunks in the vicinity before you start using camera controls.
  • Save your blueprint often (through left sliding menu) to return to camera and layer setting faster.

Why is MCProApp so sloooooooow?

MCProApp has over 1500 submissions published. Currently App’s engine loads all categories thumbnails from our server; all at the same time. This causes noticeable lag (especially on older devices and when Internet connection is poor). This will be fixed when we introduce multi-level sub-categories (think Folders) and dynamic thumbnail loading (when only visible thumbnails are downloaded). Stay tuned for more updates.

I had Premium Account with old MCPro. Can I Restore/Transfer my purchases to new MCProApp?

We had to purchase all App assets back in 2016 from old developer who stopped any updates to the App. We tried to transfer the App to our own developer account but due to Apple’s policies it was not possible (iCloud and Game Center issues). That’s why new MCProApp in-app purchases have different IDs and are non-compatible with old App. We know that it sounds unfair to whoever bought Premium accounts in old App. We are working on solution where we will be offering something like promo codes to Premium users from old App that they will be able to use to unlock purchases in the new MCProApp.